Buxeros Capital is an impact investment fund that supports sustainable businesses in Emerging Markets, acting as both an investor and a partner for entrepreneurs looking to expand in those markets.



Buxeros Capital is a public-private impact investment fund. It was established by a group of well-known Dutch investors in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Cooperation. We aim to invest in a strong combination of Dutch and local SME’s in Emerging Markets. Although social impact is an important requirement, we will review potential deals on economic and commercial viability.

Our goal is to invest in sustainable businesses and business models that add value to both the Dutch Economy and the local economy. As such we will act not only as a (co-) investor, but also as a partner for entrepreneurs with the ambition to expand to Emerging Markets.

The management of Buxeros Capital includes private equity veterans with many years of experience conducting business in Emerging Markets and similarly qualified seasoned entrepreneurs. Together we are able to act on deals very quickly and subsequently support our portfolio companies with their activities in Emerging Markets. With our dedicated team with boots on the ground across the globe and strong partners in each region, we are well positioned for success in investing in Emerging Markets.

For more information: www.buxeros.com


Buxeros Capital invests in sustainable businesses in emerging markets to drive positive social impact and support entrepreneurs in their growth journey. Buxeros Capital strives for economic viability while prioritizing social impact.


Investing in a commercially viable setting by pro-actively acting as a co-investor and partner to SMEs with ambitions in emerging markets whilst complying with international OECD Guidelines and IFC Performance Standards


At Kenzoll, diversity fuels creativity and strengthens our team. We maintain integrity in all relationships, drive teamwork for excellence, and prioritize results for our partners.



Blue21 is a global knowledge leader in researching, designing, and realizing floating projects in delta cities world-wide.

With every project Blue21 wants to contribute to their mission: realize floating cities with a positive impact on the planet. Because Blue21 believe that this way they can solve the biggest challenges of the 21st century: land scarcity, urban growth, and climate change.

For more information:  www.blue21.nl


Carewithinreach enables the professionalisation and decentralisation of orthopedic care in upcoming economies in secondary cities.

Carewithinreach provides support to CPO’s, certified orthopedic clinicians, in upcoming economies to develop viable orthopedic care centers, delivering high quality care through a simple scalable franchise model. In order to decentralise and professionalise orthopedic services and deliver maximum impact, Carewithinreach operates in secondary cities, building a network of accessible orthopedic care centers.

For more information: www.carewithinreach.nl


FastID allows consumers to create their own digital identity. In the years to come, FirstID’s technology will completely transform the way people identify themselves on arrival at locations. It will change the way people make use of different services and the way they control their own data.

FastID allows businesses to welcome a new generation of customers by offering them a faster, easier and more secure way to identify themselves. Using biometrics, FastID’s digital ID platform makes accessing venues and services as effortless as unlocking a phone.

For more information: www.fastid.nl


Fermina enables the local production of clear aligners in Colombia for regional distribution and global supply by using branding and marketing of existing Direct to Consumer (D2C) clear aligner company Tootsee.

The commercial launch of a clear aligner company in Colombia and Latin America brings affordable clear aligners to people’s home with a fully online interface. Developed countries are seeing huge growth in adults seeking clear aligner treatment, which is mainly driven by the clear aligner technology and lowering the threshold for orthodontic treatment.


Secure Citizen is a purpose-driven brand, aiming to bring individuals and businesses closer, so that everyone benefits. Secure Citizen provides seamless, secure digital solutions to the growing problem of fraud. By developing innovative technology, Secure Citizen can create connections that enhance collaboration and bring their vision of a fraud-free digital environment closer.

With Secure Citizen an individual’s biometric data becomes the key to unlocking a world of fraud-free transactions so they can live online without fear.

Secure Citizen’s digital identity verification solution enables businesses to digitally onboard and verify their customers against South Africa’s largest database.

For more information: www.securecitizen.co.za


LuxaCan aims to become the lowest cost producer, cultivator, and wholesaler of CBD/THC Oil for Zimbabwean and export markets. Sales will be restricted to the Zimbabwean market in the first year, after which LuxaCan is expected to have obtained the necessary certifications that enable the Company to supply the key European markets.

LuxaCan’s extracts will target the pain relief market segment, which requires high levels of both THC and CBD. LuxaCan will focus in particular on extracts with relatively high levels of the minor cannabinoids THC-V and CBG, both increasingly sought after for their pain-relieving properties. An important advantage of extract is that the risk of diversion into the illegal market is minimal compared to dried cannabis.

LuxaCan has established a fully secured, GACP certified cultivation facility. State-of the-art greenhouses and cultivation equipment has been imported from Europe. Cultivation capacity per annum is 10 – 12 tons, grown on 1 hectare in greenhouses with climate and light control.


AFRIpads has grown to become the world’s leading social enterprise dedicated to manufacturing reusable sanitary pads in Africa.  Building on a decade of expertise in the Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) sector, AFRIpads is a dedicated thought leader and active contributor to advancing the menstrual movement worldwide.

AFRIpads is committed to helping women and girls overcome the barriers that menstruation creates in their lives so they rise to their full potential. Women and girls around the world who use AFRIpads Menstrual Kits are empowered with the protection and comfort they need during menstruation. This enables them to stay in school, go to work, and participate in daily life with the confidence, dignity and peace of mind they deserve.

And as an impact-driven organization, we know that menstrual health goes beyond menstrual products. AFRIpads offers a holistic Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) solution. Alongside their reusable menstrual kits, they provide their partners with a range of resources including a MHH Education Toolkit and a Monitoring and Evaluation framework.

For more information: www.afripads.com