Kenzoll Capital is a private equity firm based in Amsterdam, specializing in special situations investment opportunities.


Founded by Corné Melissen, a former partner at Ramphastos Investments, Kenzoll was established in 2021 through the carve out of a diverse range of foreign assets from the Ramphastos portfolio.

At Kenzoll, we follow an event-driven investment strategy, which allows us to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities in both emerging and developed markets. Our approach is not limited to traditional or structured opportunities, as we are also open to unconventional business ventures that have the potential for strong returns.

We believe that by taking a flexible and opportunistic approach to investing, we can achieve superior returns for our investors. Our team is experienced in identifying and executing on special situations investments and have a proven track record of success.

Invest with Kenzoll Capital and gain access to a diverse range of investment opportunities not available through traditional channels.


Entrepreneurial & Hands-on Approach

Kenzoll Capital adopts an entrepreneurial and hands-on approach, actively partnering with management teams to drive growth and improve operations. We strive to be value-added partners, not just financial investors.

Intensive Cooperation for Strategic Growth

Kenzoll Capital's approach is built on intensive cooperation and strategic growth. By actively working with our portfolio companies and management teams, we drive sustainable growth and create long-term value for our investors.

Pro-active Strategic & Operational Support

Kenzoll Capital provides pro-active strategic and operational support to portfolio companies. We work closely with management teams to drive growth, enhance performance, and improve operations to create long-term value.


At present, the pertinent portfolio comprises an impact investment fund, an energy group and a cannabis-focused investment company.

Buxeros Capital

Buxeros Capital, a public-private impact investment fund, supports sustainable businesses in Emerging Markets as both an investor and a partner for entrepreneurs.


Scimitar invests in companies active in oil exploration & production and mining, operates a large Issaran field in the Eastern Desert, and has mining assets in Africa.

Marshall Fields International

Amsterdam firm transforming the global cannabis industry via Dutch recreational license, European gateway, and Canadian producer stake.


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